maternity session at white rock.

This pregnancy has flown by. There is literally no other way to describe it. I’ve always thought that 9 months was such a long time, but here we are at 35 weeks and I’m desperately trying to get everything ready for our baby girl.

I was honestly on the fence about whether or not I should take maternity photos, but I cannot even tell you all how very glad I am that we did. This season has rushed by with hardly any documentation on my part and I’m so thankful to have these beautiful photos to forever lock this moment in time. Not to mention the fact that my husband and I literally haven’t had any professional pictures taken of us since our wedding…four years ago.

We shot these pictures at White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX. My husband and I both have family in the area, so that lake has always been a special and familiar place to us both. It just seemed like such a natural fit for us to take these pictures with our girl by the water because it’s such a big part of who we are as a couple, and we can’t wait to introduce her to it as well.

I cannot say enough about our incredible photographer, Kacey Gilpin, either. I “met” Kacey years ago on instagram and I’ve always thought that we would get along well in real life, and I was right. Not only is she talented, but she’s also a thoughtful, hilarious, Jesus-loving mama who brought us coffee for our early shoot. You just can’t beat that.

So, here are a just a few of the pictures we took last weekend. I’m so in love with them all and I hope you enjoy them as well.

ASOS Maternity Top in Gingham / Motherhood Maternity Skinny Pants / Jack Rogers Napa Valley Sandal / Lisi Lerch Tassel Earrings

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7 thoughts on “maternity session at white rock.

  1. Kacey

    Just love seeing which ones were your favorites! That baby girl has the best parents. So excited for you! ONE MONTH!

    1. Julie Post author

      I seriously could NOT narrow it down – I love every single one! I’ll probably post the whole thing to facebook and order like a dozen prints haha. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  2. amy beth campbell

    Oh my goodness!!! These are the most beautiful, precious, and sweet photos! I love every single one! You are just the cutest mama and I can’t wait to watch every step of the way unfold! xoxo

    1. Julie Post author

      thank you SO much!!! we really love the way they turned out and are so excited to capture this time before she gets here. 🙂

  3. Megan Denton

    So beautiful… and what a gorgeous top to show off your bump. Can’t believe it’s almost time…. felt like only a few weeks ago that you posted your announcement on Instagram 🙂

    Megan x Denton & Lou


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